Research Groups: presentation

The ESDES Institute of Sustainable Business and Organizations has chosen to focus on four research areas to meet its goal of training graduates capable of creating sustainable value.

  • Research Group 1: Social responsibility and ethical transformation of organizations
  • Research Group 2: Finance and corporate governance in a sustainable environment
  • Research Group 3: Economics and management of sustainable innovations
  • Research Group 4: Sustainable marketing and consumer insights

The issues dealt with in these research groups have major consequences both economically and socially. They justify the commitment of our researchers to providing original insights and proposing innovative solutions.


Head of the Research Group: Sylvaine MERCURI CHAPUIS

By developing an understanding and knowledge about social responsibility and the ethical transformation of organizations, the members of the research group aim to:

  • study new organizational models
  • analyze the role of organizations and individuals in society
  • help them design responsible or empowering tools
  • analyze their contributions to the common good
  • enable them to develop a reflective approach

The aim of our researchers is to contribute to an analysis and theorization of existing or future models of social responsibility. They wish to initiate experiments that make it possible to propose broader perspectives (individual, collective, organizational) to address the issue.

Their research work includes, for example, understanding CSR, employee involvement in this approach, analysis of the legislative framework surrounding it, organizational impact (setting up dedicated structures, functions or policies), identifying stakeholders and their expectations, institutionalization, discourse or even the historical vision of CSR, labelling, implementing charters or standards, policies on disability, diversity or professional integration, financial and extra-financial indicators and measuring overall performance (economic, social and environmental). Topics relating to the ethics of executives and managers, as well as moral, cultural and philosophical issues, are also covered.

Members of the Research Group:


Head of the Research Group: Sandra CHALLITA

Researchers in this group focus on the following themes:


We study the governance and performance of several types of structures (family businesses, cooperatives, NGOs), the composition of their boards of directors and their remuneration as well as dividend distribution policies. We are also interested in competition and CSR.


We study investor heterogeneity, decisions and market movements from a behavioral finance perspective. We also evaluate the management, diversification strategies and performance of funds and portfolios. We are also interested in banking competition and securitization, as well as their structure and diversity.


We study accounting, its history and evolution. In addition, we work on accounting regulations and their applications (examples: results management practices and accounting management).

Members of the Research Group:


Head of the Research Group: Nabila ARFAOUI

Researchers in this area are interested in the relationship between innovations and environmental sustainability. The latter, which is always present at the heart of the research or as a backdrop, is a complex concept. Generally speaking, we consider it to have three aspects: environmental, social and economic.

We focus on new types of innovation (mainly technological): frugal, social, environmental, grass-roots, inclusive innovation, etc. We are also interested in the relationship between innovation and environmental sustainability.

We are interested in atypical organizational devices: fablabs, communities…

Researchers are committed to conducting both qualitative and quantitative research to address environmental sustainability as a central issue or as a context for innovation.

Members of the Research Group:


Head of the Research Group: Ioannis ASSIOURAS

The Consumer and Market Knowledge research group is a multi-faceted initiative to understand the opportunities and implications of consumption, markets and new technologies for the management of organizations. The members of this group aim to understand:

  • the role of consumption and lifestyle practices
  • the impact of the digital transformation
  • the role of culture in consumption
  • consumer behavior

Researchers focus on studying the impacts of the ever-changing society on consumers and industries. Research is being developed in various fields:

  • consumer behavior, consumer culture and behavioral change
  • sensory marketing, tourism marketing and service marketing
  • digital transformation, digital user experiences and data science marketing
  • innovation (e.g. marketing and frugal innovation)
  • market formation, evolution and legitimation

This diversity of research themes facilitates the development of synergies between group members in order to develop relevant theoretical contributions to marketing that provide practical and concrete tools for practitioners.

Members of the Research Group:

Presentation of Specific Interest Groups (SIGs)

Professors from different research fields often collaborate with each other on various projects. The School therefore wishes to promote and take full advantage of these interdisciplinary research activities. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) strengthen existing projects in the research areas and also allow new projects to emerge. Their existence is not permanent, but rather depends on the duration of the associated projects. For the academic year 2020-2021, the ESDES Institute of Sustainable Business and Organizations has three SIGs.