How to finance a business school?

You want to go to a top business school but are afraid of financing. Don’t worry, bank loans are not the only option!


Obtaining a scholarship to study at Esdes

Each year at Esdes, 10 to 15% of families benefit from a tuition reduction of up to 30%. To obtain this reduction, simply make a request with the application form, which will then be evaluated by a commission.

The Grande Ecole Program also welcomes students with higher education scholarships. Don’t wait any longer and find out about your rights: scholarships based on social criteria or excellence scholarships may be awarded to you!


Getting paid as a student: student job, work-study program, internship

Or get involved with the school by participating in paid tutoring or administrative missions, hundreds of hours of work are offered each year. With Esdes, you will also carry out internships in companies, which can be a source of income. In France, from 9 weeks of internship, remuneration becomes mandatory from the first hour worked.

You can also become independent by opting for the work-study program at Esdes Business School. By training tomorrow’s responsible managers directly in the field, the work-study program allows you to enjoy student life while being paid. The advantage of the work-study program is that your tuition fees are entirely paid by your host company!

For international students, you can also benefit from the Early Bird discount of 10% on tuition fees by sending your application before February.

You can start planning your stay in France by finding out about the cost of living. You will find some information in the “estimated budget” section such as the price of a rent, the food budget, the cost of transportation, etc.


Housing near Esdes

France offers housing subsidies (CAF) that can save you up to 50% on your rent. This assistance is made for people such as students who have a rental contract, with a low income or whose parents earn a low income.