Research at Esdes

Research teachers at Esdes

Founded by the Confluence Sciences and Humanity Research Unit of the University Catholic of Lyon, Research at Esdes brings together more than forty teacher-researchers at the Esdes Business School, all of whom hold a doctorate.

With its own research center, Esdes is a top business school situated in the city center of Lyon for more than 30 years. Its high quality is certified by international accreditations as AACSB and EFMD.

From ten countries around the world, the teacher-researchers combine their knowledge around common themes: ethics, responsibility and sustainability. Their multidisciplinary approach allows them to cover a wide range of fields and to respond to the managerial, social and economic problematics of today’s companies.

Their high level of expertise combined with their great openness to the world enables them to gather a quantity of quality information at the cutting edge of novelty to face the constant innovation of companies.

Their objective is not only to acquire knowledge, but above all to have an impact on society. To do this, they place education at the heart of their profession by sharing their research with students and professionals.


What are the Research at Esdes’ research axes?

Divided into four areas, each teacher-researcher at Esdes specializes in a specific field:

  • The first axis, “Social responsibility and ethical transformation of organizations,” includes the analysis of roles in society and encourages a reflective approach;
  • The second is developed around “Finance and corporate governance in a sustainable environment“;
  • The third, “Economics and management of sustainable innovations“, links innovation and the environment;
  • Finally, the fourth axis, “Sustainable marketing and consumer insights“, bases its studies on consumer behavior.

Conferences, masterclasses and publications: it is thanks to a regular work and a continuous renewal of their research that our teachers-researchers are experts. With several participations in important projects supported by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and the European Union, they maintain privileged relationships with numerous partners.