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Master / International Business Administration

Basic training

ESDES Lyon Business School
Business developer training program

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management

Gain a solid perspective on the nature of business competitiveness and acquire skills to evaluate the complexity of the international business arena by mastering analytical tools for key decision-making processes.

It is taught 100% in English.


French version

Master / International Business Administration
Study in France

Studying at Master’s level allows you to choose your specialization and become an expert in your chosen field. The MasterClasses chosen each semester offer advanced teaching to strengthen this expertise and clarify your professional objectives.

The International Business Administration specialization is full-time and 100% in English.



  • To prepare being international business leader
  • To offer a project-based learning process which combines theory and simulation 
  • To provide analytical tools for decision-making
  • To acquire the ability to evaluate the complexities of international business
  • To develop communication, leadership and teamwork skills



  • Generalist program focused on international business
  • Experiment management in an international context
  • Class is gathering more than 10 nationalities worldwide.
  • Manage intercultural relation on a daily basis


Careers open to international, within foreign companies in France or companies abroad

  • Business Developer
  • Market leader
  • Marketing officer
  • Management controller


Degree: Master in Management

Duration: 2 years

Professional experience during the program: Consultancy project and 6-month internship

Good to know: It is possible to obtain a double Master’s Degree during the final year at one of our partner universities


EFMD accredited

The Grande Ecole Program has been EFMD accredited since March 2020.


  • To master and apply the knowledge and skills required for functioning effectively in a specialized field of business.
  • To adopt ethical, social and responsible behavior by engaging in activities that impact society
  • To manage operations  in companies or organizations within an international context
  • To contribute to the collective performance of the group by being  an effective team member.
  • To work efficiently with people from different cultures and operate successfully in various environments.
  • To develop professional hindsight to solve problems and make subsequent decisions.
  • To acquire communication skills in order to engage with a wide range of audiences in at least two different languages.
  • To contribute to the digital transformation of organizations through the development of a digital mindset and expertise.



  • Ideal for students who want to study business in France and wish to follow a program taught in English.
  • A balanced mix of academic and professional learning
  • Acquire a solid and lasting foundation for an evolutionary career
  • 2 years to become an expert in one of our 5 specializations
  • Develop your managerial skills and reveal your leadership potential
  • Benefit from an individualized path: MasterClasses, professionalization, internationalization
  • It is possible to obtain a double Master’s Degree during the final year at one of our partner universities

 Specialization Courses – Semester 1

Course Title Hours ECTS
Fair Trade and Sustainable Development 24 3
Corporate Governance 24 3
Business Ethics 24 3
International Business Strategy 24 3
International Marketing 24 3
Leadership in international Management 24 3
Data Management
Financial Management


 Specialization Courses – Semester 2

Course Title Hours ECTS
International Taxation and Social Responsibility 24 3
Innovation, Creativity and Project Management 24 3
Global Supply Chain Management 24 3
Global Challenge BG 24 3
International Business Law 24 3
Managing cultural diversity
Strategy: Choices and Implementation-


Specialization Courses – Semester 3

Course Title Hours ECTS
International Financial Management 24 3
Business Trends & Communications 24 3
Big Data Management & Techniques 24 3
Entrepreneurship & Business Modelling 24 3
International Human Resources Management 24 3
Digital marketing 24 3
Business Strategy Game
Research Methodology


Semester 4




Download the detailed course list


The candidate must currently be finishing or have already completed their third year of a bachelor degree (equivalent to 180 ECTS credits).

After receiving the application, including supporting documents, the admissions board will review the complete file. Candidates will then be invited for a personal interview by Skype.

After the interview, the final admission results will be communicated by email.

Applications are evaluated as follows:

Admission for master’s degree Weighting
Application form 10
English test 4
Interview 6


Native English speakers or candidates who have been studying in English for at least two years will be exempt from the English test requirement. In this case, applications are evaluated as follows:

Admission for master’s degree Weighting
Application form 10
Personal interview 10



Documents required for your application:

  • Completed application form
  • Transcripts of your Higher Education studies
  • Transcripts of baccalaureate or equivalent high school diploma
  • Two academic and / or professional recommendation letters
  • Official English test results (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE EasySPEAKing,…), native English speaking students are exempt.
  • Cover letter
  • Résumé / CV
  • Copy of passport (photograph page)
  • ID photo
  • Application fees: €180 (non-refundable).


Fees per year 

€10.690 E.U. / €11.990 non E.U.

* 2021-2022 rates

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Benefits of this course

100% in English

100% of graduates are employed less than 6 months after graduation

Double degree options in only 1 semester

Head of program

Huiyi GAO

Head of International Business Administration Program

Portrait EC Huiyi GAO

Huiyi GAO

Head of International Business Administration Program

Huiyi GAO grew up in China. Prior to her PhD from the University of Lyon, she worked as a CFO for the Chinese branch of a Japanese firm. Her academic areas are international strategic management, focusing on the practices of French multinationals and on the penetration of Chinese firms in Europe. Her publications bridge Western and Eastern strategic thinking, identifying the characteristics of a new generation of Chinese business leaders.

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