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Student life on ESDES campuses

Would you like to know more about student life at ESDES Lyon Business School? Tips, fees, scholarships and housing search… we help you to succeed in your integration!

Our business school is located within the Catholic University of Lyon, we have two campuses: one in Lyon and one in Annecy. These two student cities offer many opportunities both professionally and culturally. At ESDES, you won’t have time to get bored, this top business school is animated by a dynamic student life. Choose your campus and join us for a unique experience!


Professionalize yourself in business school: internships, work-study programs, student associations

Do you have a professional project? Go to the “Orientation” section and discover all the possibilities that are open to you: long or short studies, job opportunities, campuses, work-study programs… A wide choice of Bachelor’s and Master‘s programs that can be adapted to your wishes.

Student life is also punctuated by community experiences. Discover our many student associations and choose the one you want to join. SoliCity, our humanitarian projects also play an important role in the commitment of our students, which is part of our objective to train future responsible managers.

Beyond the student associations, ESDES offers you the opportunity to develop your skills through solid professional experiences. Each year, our students complete an internship in a company that allows them to refine their professional project. And to consolidate your CV, you can also opt for a work-study program.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Create your project and embark on the adventure. Don’t panic, our professionals will help you in your efforts!


Study at ESDES: student testimonies

Still not sure? Discover the testimonies of our students and alumni on their experience at ESDES: they tell you about their professional path and share their most memorable memories a few years later. Our teachers also testify on their learning methods and share their experience with you.