Responsible natives


For over 30 years, Esdes Business School has been committed to training responsible managers who are competent, professional and wish to have a positive impact on their surroundings… To grow the economy without harming the environment. To develop employment opportunities, by including all those who have the least access to them. To innovate, in order to find solutions for social or environmental issues.

Esdes students and alumni all have something in common: they contribute to building a better world. They take pride in their actions, their projects and their companies. Through their daily activities, they are building a more responsible society, day by day.

Greater involvement throughout the course

At Esdes Business School, we recruit committed, invested students who will make the most of their first experience in an association or humanitarian organization.
Do you have projects that are important to you? Join Esdes and grow them.

The Esdes curriculum is full of opportunities to develop your skills in corporate social and environmental responsibility, business ethics, ecological and energy transition... We offer many courses where each student has the opportunity to debate the challenges of global warming, the digitalization of the economy or developments in artificial intelligence.

The skills and knowledge acquired in the courses are consolidated by field experience, involvement in associations, (which is compulsory in 1st and 3rd year), and the SoliCity mission (2 months of volunteer work, helping others, in France or abroad).

ESDES associations

There are over twenty associations and many of them contribute to social, humanitarian or environmental causes. Here is a selection:

  • Enactus ESDES is member of the international ENACTUS network, and aims to promote social entrepreneurship and student project management for a more sustainable world. Students develop their project in teams, and are closely supervised so they are able to compete in national and international challenges. This is a way for them to help solve society's challenges by combining the knowledge of higher education, the expertise of the business world and the energy of students!
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  • Oxygène ESDES is a community-oriented association whose objective is to offer a magical experience to children from underprivileged backgrounds.
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  • The New Locals want to ensure a better future for the next generations in terms of sustainable development. Its members share an ecological vision and values. Through them, on-campus paper recycling and an organic and zero waste catering service have become a reality.
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ESDES’ Responsible Natives entrepreneurs

Benoit Martin
ESDES Alumni 2007
Co-founder of Yuka

He believes in the power of the consumer over the agri-food industry.

He believes that by changing purchasing behavior through better awareness, he will be able to impact it positively and ensure that health issues are taken into account. Food is a public health issue, and today Yuka is a key player in the field of public health information for consumers.

logo YUKA

Sarah da Silva Gomez
ESDES Alumni 2014
Founder of Constant et Zoé

Getting dressed when you have a disability can sometimes be a struggle – Sarah knows this well from helping her brother Constant (who has cerebral palsy).

In 2015, Sarah created a brand of clothing for people with disabilities, to make getting dressed easier for everyone.

In 2020, she was featured in a television show. Driven by her convictions, her energy and her talent, she took France (and the show’s panel of judges) by storm and won €200,000 in investment. The press has followed her in her entrepreneurial adventure.

sarah da silva gomez constant et zoe

Lambert Cornevin
ESDES Alumni 2016
Founder of Sainplissime

Lambert is convinced that changing one’s diet can solve many health problems and improve daily life.

He created and developed Sainplissime, an online program that offers its subscribers a customizable schedule of recipes and automatic shopping lists.

Sainplissime helps its subscribers in their transition to healthy cooking. The recipes are vegetarian and free of gluten, dairy products and processed sugars!

logo sainplissime

Camille Girard ESDES
Alumni 2019
Founder of Simplement français

Camille likes to shop locally, buying from local producers with recognized expertise. But for everyday products, it is not so easy to be sure where her purchases come from. In 2019, Camille created “Simplement Français”, the first online store for everyday products that are 100% French. Camille wants to give visibility to French companies, but also to show that Made in France can be accessible to everyone in everyday life.

camille girard simplement francais