Associations are part of the DNA of Esdes Business School.

The International Students Club (ISC) is a group of students who welcome and integrate international students to the "Lyon way of life". ISC is a friendly and dynamic team that helps provide basic information before students’ arrival and during their stay in Lyon, such as setting up a bank account, transport card and helping with administrative duties and overcoming language barriers.
ISC also organizes cultural and social events to entertain the international students and to help them discover French student life, as well as cultural visits and trips.

If you would like to take part in an association, there are a number of different student associations at Esdes which are open to International students. These are listed below. Please contact them directly for more information.

International Students Club

ISC is a group of 40 volunteer students from the Esdes Business School that help international students to enjoy their time in Lyon.
The association assists students with banking, sorting out administrative tasks, registering for transport cards, discovering Lyon and meeting new people. Some ISC members have already been on exchange so they know what international students may expect studying abroad.
ISC organizes events such as parties, international dinners, photo contests, and cultural visits throughout the semester.

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Logo UAE

The UAE is the Associations Union of Esdes that has 4 missions:
1. Federate and coordinate all Esdes associations
2. Manage the budget allocated to associations by giving grants or cash advances according to projects
3. Help and offer support to associations in their projects as well as with any difficulties they may come across
4. Represent the associations of Esdes within UCLY, the Fédé K’to and the Federation of Lyon students (FEL).
The UAE is your main contact regarding questions about campus life at Esdes. Throughout the year, the UAE is in charge of organizing the associations forum and the BDE campaigns, and leads the Esdes team during the Fédé K’to challenge.

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The BDE Meduza on the Alpes Europe Annecy campus brings together students from Esdes and the Faculty of Law. The dynamic and motivated team is responsible for student life on campus and initiates a number of events: inter-BDE soccer tournament, end-of-year ball, Valentine's Day, Apéro Hawaï, table soccer, FIFA and water pong tournaments, pastry sales, Valentine's Day, participation in open days.


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The BDE, an elected group of around thirty 3rd and 4th year students, is in charge of festive events - Week-End d'Intégration (WEI), parties, afterworks, galas - as well as awareness-raising events to ensure that they remain festive.

He is elected by the student body in November, after a week-long campaign during which two lists compete.


logo ambassadeurs esdes

The Promotion and Admissions department is recruiting a team of student ambassadors to promote the School at various events. The team, dynamic and motivated, travels around France with ESDES teachers and administrative staff on events such as salons, open days, forums…



logo boutique ESDES association étudiante

BOUTIQUE ESDES is an association that sells goodies to French and international students. From mugs to sweatshirts you might find something to bring back home!

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Logo Astro'Monkey bureau des sports

BDS (Student Sport Union) of Esdes aims to develop sport in the University. We have many challenges to accomplish each year:

  • Organize registration for Esdes Sport Teams and support them.
  • Develop local events
  • Develop inter-school events

You are welcome to come for a coffee and why not be a part of this great Association!

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logo ESDES cheerleaders association étudiante

Like any other great self-respecting school, Esdes has its cheerleaders… This group of dynamic “esdes-ettes” is always there to support Esdes at sports events, especially for the football matches or the club nights.
Cheerleaders, superficial? Don't let them hear you say that! Being a cheerleader is primarily a state of mind. It’s not only wearing the colors of Esdes loudly and proudly at student events, but also learning to trust each other, to focus and to be rigorous.

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logo ICEO association étudiante

Between the Rhône and the Saone rivers, water is everywhere in Lyon. And even if the sea is not close, Esdes still has its sailing club: ICEO. With 170 crews from 5 different continents, ICEO aims to participate in the EDHEC cruise race, the biggest sport event for students.
With 3 different trophies (Sea, Land and Sand), the CCE is an unmissable student sports event. On the water as well as on the land, ICEO intends to distinguish itself from other French and European Schools and to represent Esdes.
So, forward sailors….

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Les 20 Chauds_Logo

Having ski resorts close by gives the Esdes Ski Club an essential role on the School's sports scene. The team is composed of 27 highly motivated students and organizes a number of events related to winter sports throughout the season.

Our goal: to help as many students as possible benefit from the proximity of alpine resorts by offering quality services at attractive prices. The young and dynamic team reflects the image of the School.

Put on your ski suits and your skis and join us quickly on the slopes!

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golf club esdes

The Esdes Golf Club is a young association that organizes events around golf.
The idea is to offer golf tournaments/parties while expanding one's professional network.



logo média ESDES association étudiante

At Media Esdes we develop internal media at school in order to communicate information about student life among students.
The association is composed of 5 branches:

  • The Magpie: the monthly school newspaper made by students for students
  • The Click: the video branch of the association. Web series Eratum, tutorials, surveys
  • The Peak: the photo branch that takes care of immortalizing the events
  • The Web: takes care of maintaining the site and the social networks of the association
  • The Sponsors: or “Sharks” that look for and find the funding to make all these projects possible

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logo ESDES Conférence association étudiante

Esdes Conference is an association whose objective is to "Raise students' awareness, through conferences, meetings and debates, on the economic, social and governance issues of tomorrow's world".
It thus provides access to knowledge and culture free of charge for all students.

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logo BDA bizz'art association étudiante

The Bureau des Arts is an association that promotes art and culture within Esdes. Its goal is to create a community gathering all students around common passions related to Art in general.
This is concretely translated around several projects such as the organization of concerts, Jam sessions, exhibitions, but also cultural outings and much more.

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logo showbise association étudiante

We are Showbise, a group of 35 students with a shared passion for music, theatre, comedy, and art in general. Our main goal for the year is to create an entire show, written, staged and performed by students from Showbise. 
However, besides the amazing final show that we propose, during the whole year we create a lot of artistic events and projects, like our famous Karaoke/ Blind test, or our legendary Jam Session.

You don’t know what a Jam Session is? It is THE opportunity for everybody to become a one-night star with our open and shared stage and our wonderful musicians whose are ready to set the place on fire along with you. 
In 2018, we created our own exclusive calendar with the god and goddess from Showbise. If you weren’t convinced that Showbise members are great and beautiful…

We are looking for many different artistic profiles, so if you feel like you’re already one of us, if you love singing, acting, playing music or dressing your friends up, filming or even doing make-up, don’t hesitate any longer and contact us to join us. We are a big family looking for more people to share our artistic passion with.

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logo carré bleu association étudiante

Carré Bleu Records is a student label created by electronic music enthusiasts, whose purpose is to share that passion with  as many people as possible.
In fact, CBR advocates diversity and eclecticism in electro. This passion has pushed a student band to become actively involved in today’s exuberant scene.

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logo La Clic association étudiante

The Clic is the audio-visual association of Esdes with the promotion of events, training in shooting and editing, … and thus trains internally its future "reporter" who will be sent thereafter to cover the events of the school and other associations.

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Les Dix Vins_Logo

The ambition of the association is the training in the art of wine and spirit tasting and the discovery of oenology.
The association promotes the exchange of knowledge between amateurs and professionals.
It is open to all students and members of its Alumni network.

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logo ENACTUS ESDES association étudiante

Enactus is an association which aims to act for societal progress by using entrepreneurship. Thus, our association responds to social, environmental or societal needs.
Currently, we have 4 projects:
1. FRESH & GONES which distributes baskets of fruit and vegetables, grown by people in social reintegration, to members of UCLy
2. LES ROUES DE L'ESPOIR, whose goal is to make children aware of the dangers of the road through an application and a board game
3. SOURIS CLIC which organizes computer courses provided by students for seniors
4. GREEN & CO which is the latest project and aims to set up activities which encourage respect for the environment in children
If you want to join one of our 4 teams, do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page: Enactus ESDES. Enactus ESDES members can’t wait to welcome you!

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Hand Joy is a small association that helps other social associations by providing logistical support, organizing events and raising funds. We have around 15 students involved in our association and our strategy is to retain a small number of students, which is the association’s strength because everybody shares the workload and no one has predefined roles.
During the year, Hand Joy organizes some events: first, we have created a project called “une note, un sourire”, the goal of which is to sing for people in a retirement home. What’s more, the association also makes a child's dream come true for children who are hospitalized. For example, this year Hand Joy gave a ticket for the musical “les Choristes” to Léonie, her sister and her father. It was an amazing moment for her and for all the members of the association. Then we also provided our help to the event “salon des vacances” which was organized by ALGED.

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Oxygène Esdes is an association of 50 members which organizes events for disadvantaged children from Lyon and surrounding areas. Two major events take place every year:
1. "Un Noël Glacé Mille Enfants Gâtés": A Christmas-themed afternoon at the Charlemagne ice rink in Lyon. 1000 children come to this event to enjoy a special moment with a show (ice dancing, magic, dance...) and Santa Claus, and receive gifts and snacks at the end of the afternoon. 
2. "Enygma": A smaller event with 100 children during spring. During an afternoon, children participate in activities within various themes like sports, culture, etc.
Oxygène ESDES is an outstanding experience - some unforgettable moments with a motivated and dynamic team are waiting for you!

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logo the new locals association étudiante

The New Locals is an association striving for sustainable development at the Catholic University of Lyon. Our mission is to engage with other students to make our campuses more efficient in terms of energy and waste. We organize conferences, infrastructural projects, get involved in student competitions and all sorts of party/food events. So what are you waiting for? If you love nature and wish to impact people around you then our association is your new home...

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The "Black Bull Equities" is an association for educational purposes composed of financial workshops. It offers a stock market experience through understanding of financial markets, and allows students to participate in a society study group. Any student interested in the world of finance can join from 3rd year onwards! BBE is also an investment club with 11 active members.


  • Allow students to enrich their financial culture by being in contact with the financial markets during their studies at Esdes (Weekly News and Flash note).
  • Provide students with a professional view of the market by addressing more technical and specialized subjects through the organization of conferences.
  • Develop partnerships with finance professionals to benefit from internship offers for students interested in the world of finance.

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ESDES Junior Conseil

logo EJC ESDES Junior Conseil association étudiante

The EJC is the Esdes Junior Business: it is an association with an economic and educational vocation. It operates as a consulting firm made up of students who invest in studies for companies, associations and individuals.

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logo Alumni ESDES association étudiante

The Esdes Alumni Network (Esdes graduates) gathers the school's graduates, all classes included.
Its objectives are multiple: to federate and facilitate the development of the alumni network, to participate in the influence of the school in the professional world, to gather the graduates around themes, to help young graduates to start their professional life, or to ensure a support to former graduates in their professional evolution.

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logo CAPESDES association

CAPESDES, the association of Parents and Friends of Esdes, intends to help parents and students by participating in the reception of new parents and fostering relationships and the exchange of information, by helping students in temporary difficulty and by participating in the organization and financing of activities within Esdes (Challenges, collection of the professional tax).

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logo Tim & Colette association

Since 2004, Esdes Inter-Generations has been bringing together elderly people, who can offer a furnished room, and young people looking for accommodation (students, apprentices, trainees, professionals or job seekers) in order to develop mutual aid between the generations.
The objectives of the association are multiple: to meet the expectations of seniors who wish to remain at home, to provide a solution to the crucial problem of housing for young people, and to encourage closer ties between the generations. Intergenerational cohabitation, an original housing offer: a roof over your head in exchange for a presence, security, an exchange of small services…

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