Our success stories

Joining a top business school means joining a network of students and professionals that is growing every day.


Esdes alumni

At Esdes Business School, we have more than 6,000 graduate students. From post-baccalaureate to Master’s degree, our training courses have enabled them to develop the skills necessary for the professional world, which they will continue to apply throughout their life.

Located in a dynamic and innovative region, Esdes is in partnership with associations and companies that count. Do you have an idea? A project? Join us and take advantage of our network to get started!

Being the school of responsible management, Esdes carries strong values that are transmitted from generation to generation: to join its network means to participate in a better world and to act for the responsibility of tomorrow’s companies.


Integrate the professional network of a major school

Moreover, 100% of the students find a job in less than 6 months after their graduation. This professional integration is ensured thanks to the numerous internships and professional projects that take place throughout their studies at Esdes.

Their career paths are multiple and demonstrate the diversity present in the school. From marketing to finance, from large groups to SMEs, from regional projects to international development… there is something for everyone. Come and meet our alumni, they might surprise you!

In summary, Esdes Business School is the school of responsible management that trains students and professionals through education. Esdes is also a network of companies and students who will help you find internships, work-study programs and your first job as soon as you leave the school!

Students and professionals represent the school and will continue to represent it through their respective careers.

You too can become a reference for Esdes: join one of our bachelor or master courses, or become a partner company by recruiting our students or by submitting academic projects to them.