About Esdes

Esdes: the business school

Esdes Business School is the business school for responsible management. With courses from baccalaureate (or equivalent) to master’s degree, we have been accompanying students for more than 30 years to ensure their successful integration into professional life.

Our campuses are well situated in the city center of Lyon and Annecy : multicultural cities that receive more than 140.000 students each year.

And if students appreciate Esdes, it is because we put them at the heart of our concerns. By ranking 4th in the list of schools where it is good to study (happy@school 2022), Esdes has confirmed its position as a growing business school.

Our pedagogy is based on a proximity relationship between teachers and students, ensuring personal support for each one. While continuing to carry its original values, Esdes is now supported by labels and accreditations that attest the quality of its programs.

In addition to this, our students are continually collaborating with professionals: internships, part-time professors or even work-study programs will allow you to give meaning to your learning!


Student life at the heart of the school

We make sure that student life is as enriching as possible: projects, entrepreneurship and festive events are planned throughout the year. We encourage students to get involved in humanitarian, social and cultural associations.


Study in an international environment at Esdes

Do you want to evolve in an international dimension? Esdes is made for you! We offer you the possibility to go abroad for at least one semester or to do your internship abroad. You will also have the opportunity to work with foreign students on a daily basis or to opt for the English track, the 100% English course.

In summary, Esdes is a top management school in which you will learn to be responsible and to surpass yourself. After graduation, 80% of students find a job in less than a month, so do not hesitate longer !