Going Abroad

Whether for professional or personal purposes, at Esdes we prepare students to evolve in a multicultural environment by giving them all the keys to succeed in living abroad: official English tests (TOEFL, TOEIC...), workshops, English classes and specialization courses...

In addition to the compulsory exchanges in 2nd year, students can have even more international experiences: they can spend up to 36 months abroad (in the Master in Management Program), through internships and exchange semesters.


  • Be curious: find out about the destinations on offer (climate, customs, food).
  • Vary your sources of information: the website of the partner university, pakata, diplomatie.gouv, numbeo to estimate the cost of living, the Routard travel guide... Contacting students who have already left for this university or students currently on exchange will be a plus.
  • Being prepared will help you adapt better! There is a risk of culture shock with some destinations.
  • Plan ahead: check the validity of your passport and the entry conditions for the desired country (visa, vaccinations...). Think about arranging appropriate health cover depending on the country you are visiting (see ameli.fr).  
  • Immerse yourself. Choosing to live with locals or other foreigners rather than French housemates makes it easier to learn the language.
  • Give yourself the means to choose. A good ranking and a good TOEFL score increase your chances of going to the destination of your choice.

Throughout their stay, students are in contact on a regular basis with an Esdes referent teacher.


There are two student scholarships:

In Europe, depending on the chosen country, this scholarship allows students going abroad as part of an exchange agreement to receive:

- from €170 to €270/month as part of their studies

- from 320€ to 420€/month as part of an internship.

This grant from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region enables students on exchange to receive

- 95€/week (17 weeks on average) - 48 weeks maximum throughout their entire studies.