Esdes is part of UCLy (Catholic University of Lyon), a non-profit association. The School has an agile governance system, consolidated around its Executive Committee, which is complemented by advisory bodies in order to consider the needs of each of the School's stakeholders.  

Board of Directors

  • Vincent MANGEMATIN - Director and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Steven COISSARD - Deputy Director in charge of Programs, Pedagogy, Faculty and Student Life
  • Kevin PON – Associate Dean for International Development and Accreditations
  • Nathalie BERTIN BOUSSU – Director of Ecological and Social Transition, Esdes disability referent
  • Sarah CLIFFT - Director of MSc programs
  • Caroline DUVAL - Director of international promotion
  • Camille FAURE - Director of Master in Management program
  • Emilie SOTTON – Director of Development
  • Marine TRIOMPHE – Director of Corporate Development and Student Career Pathing
  • Linh-Chi Vo – Associate Dean for Research
  • Sabrina ZAIDI CHTOUROU - Director of Bachelor in Business Program

Committee for Research Evaluation

The CER (Committee for Research Evaluation) measures the performance of research professors and advises them in their choice of research topics. The CER allocates the research workload of each research professor for the following academic year. 

The CER is composed of the following members:

  • Linh-Chi Vo, Associate Dean for Research
  • Christian Le Bas, Head of Research Area, Esdes
  • Valérie Aubourg, Vice-President for Research, UCLy
  • Maud Damperat, Professor in Management Sciences at the IAE of Saint-Étienne, University of Lyon, Jean Monnet University
  • Tamym Abdessemed, Executive Director of ISIT
  • Jean-François Goux, Professor of Economics at the University Lumière - Lyon 2

Program Review Committee

The CRP (Program Review Committee) monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the programs in terms of educational objectives. It determines the need for resources and thus for faculty recruitment.

The CRP is composed of the following members:

  • Director of Programs and Student Life
  • Programs Directors
  • Year Level Coordinators
  • Specializations Coordinators
  • Heads of departments

International Advisory Board

In conjunction with the governance of Esdes, the IAB (International Advisory Board) is composed of leading figures from the economic and academic world. This advisory body accompanies Esdes in its development by making recommendations concerning the School's strategy or the way it is implemented.

The IAB meets once per year, bringing together:

  • Pr Anne Sinnot, VP DCU (IRL)
  • Benjamin Stevenin, THE (Times Higher Education)
  • Pr David Hillier, Univ Strathclyde (UK)
  • Pr Joao Pinto, Catolica Porto BS (Portugal)
  • Pr Joyce Strawser, Seton Hall (USA)
  • Pr Lashkmi Goel, Ifrane (MA)
  • Pr Percy Marquina Feldman, PUCP, Centrum (Peru)
  • University Vice-Chancellor (Rector of UCLy)
  • Pr Vincent Mangematin, Dean of Esdes

Global Student Council

The Global Student Council is made up of student volunteers who wish to contribute to the development of the School. They are encouraged to give their opinion on the School's strategic directions, including teaching, educational policy and student life.

Corporate advisory committee

The corporate advisory committee is a forum for reflection and exchange between pedagogical coordinators and companies. It evaluates and develops the content of the programs to meet the expectations of companies, with the aim of producing highly employable graduates whose educational experience is adapted to the changing market.

It is made up of pedagogical coordinators and partner companies.