Academic departements

ESDES has 50 full-time faculty members, 71% of whom have doctorates and almost half of whom are international.

The full-time faculty is organized into 5 departments, covering the teaching areas of the different ESDES programs. They teach in all the programs, with courses ranging from introduction to the subject all the way to advanced, for example in the Master's level MasterClasses (optional courses, closely related to the experts' research work).


The Business Development department brings together experts from different management disciplines such as Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Purchasing and Supply Chain, as well as Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviors.

They all work on the strategic challenges of business development: business creation, risk assessment, horizontal or vertical growth, involvement of external factors, and control of the supply chain, while ensuring responsible human resources management.

The approach to management is built around the values of respect, humanism and CSR, which are conveyed in the courses.

This department manages the CUBE, UCLy's start-up incubator for students.

Nathalie Tessier

Head of the Department of Business Development

PhD in management sciences

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Portrait EC Nathalie TESSIER


This department brings together experts in the human and social sciences who study the activities, behaviors, interactions or lifestyles of individuals and groups. Its aim is to develop students' critical thinking skills and to help them gain perspective, which is necessary to better understand the complexity of the social, economic and political world - past and present - in order to envisage the world of tomorrow. This department includes disciplines such as economics, psychology, anthropology, geopolitics and ethics.

Sandra Fagbohoun

Head of the Department of Economy & Society

PhD in anthropology and doctoral student in Management Sciences, Management of Innovation.

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Portrait EC Sandra Fagbohoun


This department brings together experts in finance (financial and analytical accounting, management control, financial analysis, financial markets, etc.), law (business law, labor law, tax law, etc.) and quantitative management techniques (quantitative methods, mathematics applied to management, etc.).

One of the roles of the Finance Department is contributing to the courses for preparation of the DSCG, in partnership with the Institution des Chartreux.

Chamsa Fendri

Head of the Department of Finance

PhD in Management Sciences

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Portait EC Chamsa FENDRI


This department brings together experts in retail, trade, marketing and digital and data transformation:
consumer behavior, innovation and product, brand management, advertising, influence, Big data, negotiation, digital transformation...

Quantitative and qualitative analysis, surveys and field investigations are among their areas of expertise. Marketing experts teach their students to understand consumer behavior in order to better guide it.

Sarah Clifft

Head of the Department of Marketing & Digital Business

Doctoral student at Cardiff School of Management

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Portrait EC Sarah CLIFFT


This department offers the following 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese. 

The teachers in the department all teach in their mother tongue. The classes are a unique opportunity to discover the intercultural subtleties of different countries.

Maria Bernard

Head of the Department of Modern Languages

1st year Co-ordinator

German teacher

Portrait Maria Bernard