Departments of Education & Teaching

With 1 teacher for every 25 students, Esdes offers one of the best student-teacher ratios among the Grande Ecole business schools.

Students benefit fully from the dual expertise of the faculty:

  • reasearch professors recognized by the academic community for their high qualifications and the quality of their research work
  • professional contributors who share their experience in the business world.

We train future managers by combining theoretical (lectures) and practical courses. This diversity in teaching methods is the basis of the excellence of the teaching model.

We are building a school on a human scale by offering a proximity between teachers and students that you will not find anywhere else. And because we want everyone to succeed, each student progresses at his or her own pace and can benefit from the support he or she needs.

Our teaching and supervisory teams also offer support to help you in your search for internships, work-study programs, or in the launch of your projects. They regularly share offers sent by companies and organize seminars to help you write your CV and cover letter. Maximise your chances by joining Esdes!

We also organize multiple events in order to integrate international students coming from all around the world in our campuses. We help you in your administration tasks, be sure that our team will be available whenever you need !

In addition to the courses and application projects, students have the opportunity to access numerous conferences to develop their knowledge and curiosity. Presented by researchers from the school or external speakers, many topics are discussed throughout the year.

Studying in a Grande Ecole business school also means adhering to its values. At Esdes, we want to transmit these values in our pedagogy: responsibility, mutual aid and open-mindedness will be taught to you through humanitarian and social projects all along your cursus. For example, disability awareness days are organized every year on our campus.