Departments of Education & Teaching

With 1 teacher for every 20 students, ESDES offers one of the best student-teacher ratios among the Grande Ecole business schools.

Students benefit fully from the dual expertise of the faculty:
• research professors recognized by the academic community for the quality of their research
• professional contributors who share their experience of the business world

This variety inherent in our teaching is what makes our teaching model exceptional. In addition to courses and hands-on projects, students have access to numerous conferences to deepen their knowledge and develop their curiosity.

Teaching model

Learning differently

ESDES' teaching model is based on 3 central themes: engagement, teamwork and experience (internships and work-study programs)// lien vers se professionnaliser


What is different compared to high school? The subjects of course, but also a more collaborative and more concrete way of working.
The teaching content is grounded in reality, often directly in contact with companies and in an international context, then put into practice in internships. This experience gained throughout the course will enable students to develop the most sought-after skills in companies: interpersonal skills backed by solid know-how.


Through contact with associations, the SoliCity mission (lien vers la page) and also throughout the year, in competitions, challenges and classes, each student will have the opportunity to defend or promote the themes that are important to them: fighting against inequality, protecting the environment, fighting addiction, solidarity, promotion of culture… A responsible economy is based on acting in a way that is consistent with our convictions.

Focus: The New Locals

In 2018 Romain and Téjas, two ESDES students in the Grande Ecole program, founded an association dedicated to sustainable development and the adoption of more ecological behaviors on campus. Today, The New Locals means more than 50 organic, locally-sourced, zero-waste meals sold every Thursday on campus.


Tomorrow's companies will be collaborative, connected and agile. Tomorrow's managers will need to know how to use their skills to unite versatile teams around cross-functional projects.
Leadership is about more than just words – it’s about action! Each semester, students will have several opportunities to work together, in groups, on a variety of projects where they will have to apply their organizational skills, their ability to listen, to help each other, to convince others… These are soft skills that will make all the difference in a company - first in an internship and then in a job.