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Institute of Sustainable Business and Organizations (ISBO) constitutes the "pôle 8" of the UCLy Research Center.

The institute of research addresses major social and management issues, in response to ESDES' mission: to prepare students and professionals, through Education and Research, to create sustainable value in order to foster the emergence of a responsible economy in a globalized and digital world.

Institute of Sustainable Business and Organizations – Inspiring CSR: transformative and impactful research

Responsible management is the key requirement expected by stakeholders from their organizations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major strategic asset and many actions are being elaborated and implemented.

The pathway to responsible management is by addressing social and environmental issues through genuine changes, which generally require significant commitment, resource investment, and modification of practices. It very often encounters a myriad of conflicts, forces, and paradoxes that make it tempting to give up.

As such, ISBO’s faculty members offer their expertise around four domains: being, doing, showing and engaging in CSR. We research how socially and environmentally responsible companies are, how they take actions to convert these commitments into a reality, how they communicate and share their difficulties as much as their achievements during that endeavor, and importantly, how they engage others to move past conflicts and paradoxes inherent in simultaneous pursuits of economic, social, and environmental goals. Through our transformative and impactful research, we inspire different stakeholders (including academic community, students, managers and society) to commit to the endeavor of CSR not only with their heads and hands, but also with their hearts.

Key Figures


Faculty members

Our faculty members are dedicated to research that is transformative and impactful. They work on a variety of research topics, covering “being, doing, showing and engaging in CSR”.


Research areas

Research group 1 : Social responsibility and ethical transformation of organizations

Research group 2 : Finance and corporate governance in a sustainable environment

Research group 3 : Economy and management of sustainable innovations

Research group 4 :  Sustainable marketing and consumer insights


Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Circular and bio-economy

Observatory of CSR and corporate governance in Africa

CSR and innovation


CSR Publications

40% of our applications are dedicated to topics related to CSR.



Funded by Rhone-Alpes region, European commission and local companies



Masterclasses are research orientated. 17 masterclasses among 70 are dedicated to CSR.

"Through the training of future ethical and responsible managers, as well as through the dissemination of their work in this collective work, ESDES teacher-researchers are thus contributing to embodying in the modes of thought as well as in the managerial practices of companies, what in the end could very well have remained at the stage of an academic field. We can measure here the stakes of the social responsibility of a school of management and of teacher-researchers in economics and management.

Gerald NARO, MRM, Montpellier Management, université de Montpellier
Book review from "la responsabilité sociale des entreprises" (edition EMS, 2020) writtent by the faculty members of ISBO.