New name for Esdes Bachelor in International Business

ESDES Business School

It is official, our Bachelor in International Business has been renamed Bachelor in Business – International track

New name, same objectives, same quality

This rebranding, while bringing a fresh perspective, in no way alters the rich content and high-quality standards that have defined our program. Instead, it signals a strategic move to open our doors to talented French students who possess a minimum B2 level in English and a substantial international experience.

3 things to know about the Bachelor in Business - International Track

  • Global perspective mixed with local excellence: The three-year program continues to provide an exceptional international business education right here in France, with all courses taught in English.
  • A preparation for the global business landscape: Our Bachelor in Business - International Track is tailored for students ready to navigate the challenges of the global business landscape. It caters to those with the ambition to make an immediate impact in shaping our ever-evolving society. Will you be one of them?
  • Inclusivity for French students: This transformation enables us to welcome French students who meet the admission’s criteria. It is now a unique opportunity for French and international students to work together and gather their knowledge through the same program.

At Esdes, we remain dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and global mindset necessary to thrive in the international business arena. The Bachelor in Business - International Track is a testament to our commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Join us on this exciting journey!