The Responsible Natives School excels in rankings!

ESDES Business School

In a remarkable achievement, Esdes, the school of Responsible Natives, continues its ascent in national and international rankings. Climbing +4 places in Le Figaro and +3 places in the Financial Times (Best Masters in Management), Esdes solidifies its position among the top institutions globally. Being a human-scale management school that guides students toward success while nurturing their sense of impact to accelerate transitions in the business world — and competing with the best global institutions — marks the success of Esdes, the leading management school for responsible natives!

National Recognition

The verdict is in: This year, Esdes ranks as the 6th best post-Bac business school in France!

As revealed in Le Figaro's annual ranking of post-Bac business schools in France, Esdes proudly secures the 6th position, a remarkable leap from the 10th place last year. This is the result of collective efforts, reflecting the school's commitment to academic excellence and the outstanding performance of its graduates in the job market.

The impact of the Responsible Natives School is strengthening, further solidifying its presence in the French business school ecosystem!

A Place Among Global Excellence

And as good news often comes in pairs, Esdes, for the second consecutive year, secures its place in the top 90 European management schools!

Once again, Esdes stands out as the 87th best European business school in the highly regarded Financial Times ranking of "Best European Business Schools"

 This international recognition highlights the quality of education and support provided to students, contributing to their professional success.

Responsible Native: Esdes' DNA

Esdes continues to script its success story with notable rankings, acknowledged both in France and internationally. This progress underscores the school's unwavering commitment to elevate the standard of education and cultivate competent and responsible professionals. Esdes distinguishes itself as a human-scale management school, guided by a unique approach focused on guiding students to success while fostering their sense of impact to accelerate transitions in business, molding them into responsible leaders of tomorrow. This philosophy has enabled Esdes to compete with the best global institutions, establishing itself as a major player in management education.

Today, Esdes takes pride in offering students programs ranging from Bachelor to Grande Ecole, including double degrees and Master of Science programs, all recognized for their quality on a European and global scale. The school is dedicated to shaping responsible managers capable of addressing today's and tomorrow's economic, social, and environmental challenges.

When asked about this, the director of Esdes, Vincent Mangematin, declared:

“Esdes is a unique business school in France. Its model combining human scale, interdisciplinarity, and academic rigor is a model of excellence for training the committed and responsible managers of tomorrow. Esdes’ progress in rankings demonstrates the performance of this model and its relevance to the needs of students and businesses.”