March intake : Esdes Business School welcomes a fresh set of first year student in March 2024

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ESDES Business School

In response to a serious issue faced by many first-year undergraduates, Esdes Business School is again offering its Fast Track reorientation program as an ideal solution to a pressing need. The accelerated course allows a March intake of first-year students to catch up and enroll in the second year in September 2024.

In response to alarming statistics released by the French Ministry for Higher Education, which show that 52.2% of first-year undergraduates fail to move on to the second year of their studies, the Fast Track initiative offers a solution to young people hoping to change direction or unhappy with their current course.

In March 2024, Esdes Business School will welcome 60 motivated students onto its first-year Fast Track program, which prepares them to start the second year in September 2024. Students on the intensive Fast Track course cover a full year’s work in only 5 months, bringing themselves up to speed with first-year undergraduates already enrolled on the traditional course at the Lyon campus. Providing the Fast Track students pass the year, they can then enroll in the second year of either the three-year Esdes Bachelor in Business degree or the five-year Esdes Master in Management degree in September 2024.

Esdes Business School’s Fast Track program guarantees students a 100% success rate for continuing their studies and provides personalized supervision by academic experts and renowned professionals. The school is accepting dossier applications until February 2024. Students offered a place on the program are also given the exclusive opportunity of first doing an internship supervised by Esdes, thereby benefiting from an immersive professional experience before the course begins in March.

Esdes’s Fast Track initiative meets a key educational need by providing a relevant and concrete alternative to young undergraduates seeking a pathway better suited to their career goals.

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