How do I prepare my application for a master's program?

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Are you are French or foreign student? Are you completing a bachelor's degree or do you already have one? Do you want to study in a master's program that's entirely in English? Here is some advice on how to apply for these programs.

How do I get into a master's program? 

Firstly, you need to have a good level of comprehension and expression in English in order to understand your courses. To demonstrate this, it is compulsory to sit an English test such as the TOEIC or TOEFL (except for native English speakers and people who have studied in English for two years). This exam allows you to evaluate your level.

You have to show that you are curious, and put extra emphasis on your international experiences. You must show the examinations board that you want an international career. For foreign students, it is important to explain why you have chosen France and especially Lyon.

Finally, as for every competitive admissions process, you should show that you know the program and the values of the School and that you share them. 

Some advice to improve your English skills every day

  • Change your phone settings to English
  • Watch, listen or read in English (TV series; news; books; video games)
  • Meet some people from the Erasmus network (ESN Cosmo Lyon)
  • Download a language app and do some exercises for 15 minutes per day


Mona.H (promo 2019) "I’m German and after a Bachelor's degree in communication, I decided to enter a full English program. I wanted to specialize in digital Business and to study in English in order to get well prepared for an international career. Since I love France, I enrolled in the marketing and digital business program last year at ESDES, in Lyon. My skills in English improved every day thanks to this program. I am undertaking a 6-month internship in Lyon, at the local office of a German Company working worldwide. I made a good decision when I decided my course choice!"

At ESDES, you can choose between 4 Master's specializations taught entirely in English: 

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