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degrees (master in Business, master in law and LLM)


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Master / Digital Law and Management

Full-time study

ESDES Lyon Business School
DPO program / Head of information system program

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management

UCLy Faculty of Law and ESDES have created a specialization, offering the best of both schools : management expertise and law in a digital world.
The goal is to respond to the market needs in terms of managers able to deal with issues regarding Data protection, in order to lead the digital transition and
to master quality.

The Master in Management “Digital Law & Management” exists in two formats: a one-year format resulting in a post-graduate certificate from ESDES Business School and a UCLy Faculty of Law certificate, and a two-year format resulting in a Master’s degree in Digital Law and Management.


French version

Study in France

Studying at Master’s level allows you to choose your specialization and become an expert in your chosen field. The MasterClasses chosen each semester offer advanced teaching to strengthen this expertise and clarify your professional objectives.

The Digital Law and Management specialization is full-time and 100% in English.



  • Helping companies to comply with their data protection obligations
  • Training students to become managers able to handle the digital transition
  • Developing students’ skills and awareness to handle companies’ obligations relating to the complexity of data protection in an international environment
  • Assessing and managing risks and issues related to the digitalization of companies



  • Double skills: Digital Law & Data Management
  • Induction courses in law or management (profil-specific)
  • Double diploma with our partner university in New York, USA
  • A career booster with 3 degrees
    • Master diploma from ESDES: « Programme Grande École »
    • Faculty of Law diploma: Diplôme Universitaire «Digital Law & Data Management»
    • Partner university diploma: LLM – Master of Laws



  • Digital Risk Analyst
  • Digital Risk Manager
  • Digital Law Consultant
  • Manager with Legal Skills
  • Project manager in the Digital Era
  • Manager with an expertise in Digital Law

Degree: Master in Management

Duration: 2 years

Professional experience during the program: Consultancy project and 6-month internship

Good to know:  It is possible to obtain a double Master’s Degree during the final year at one of our partner universities


EFMD accredited

The Grande Ecole Program has been EFMD accredited since March 2020.


See the replay of the conférence “I consent ! How digital business is marking money with your data” – April 2021


  • To master and apply the knowledge and skills required for functioning effectively in a specialized field of business
  • To adopt ethical, social and responsible behavior by engaging in activities that impact society
  • To manage operations  in companies or organizations within an international context
  • To contribute to the collective performance of the group by being  an effective team member
  • To work efficiently with people from different cultures and operate successfully in various environments
  • To develop professional hindsight to solve problems and make subsequent decisions
  • To acquire communication skills in order to engage with a wide range of audiences in at least two different languages
  • To contribute the digital transformation of organizations through their development of a digital mindset and expertise



  • Ideal for students who want to study business in France and wish to follow a program taught in English
  • A balanced mix of academic and professional learning
  • Acquire a solid and lasting foundation for an evolving career
  • 2 years to become an expert in one of our 5 specializations
  • Develop your managerial skills and reveal your leadership potential
  • Benefit from an individualized path: MasterClasses, professionalization, internationalization
  • It is possible to obtain a double Master’s Degree during the final year at one of our partner universities

Specialization course – Semester 1


  Course title


Hours ECTS
Refresher course -Business Accounting and financial management 24 3
Management and organizational behavior 24 3
Strategic management 24 3
Financial analysis 24 3
Refresher Course – Law Introduction to law (sources, people, institutions) 24 3
Law of obligations (contracts and civil liability) 24 3
General criminal law and criminal procedure 24 3
Business law 24 3
Law Data protection 1: digital civil law 24 3
Corporate law and the Digital Economy 24 3
Digital environment Intellectual Property (royalties/copyright/industrial property) 18 2
Digital Environnement 18 2
  Data Management
  Financial Management


Specialization course – Semester 2

  Course title Hours  ECTS 
Law Labor Law and the Digital Economy   24 3
Commercial Practices and Competition Law on the Internet 24 3
Resolution of International Disputes 24 3
Data protection 2 (cybercrime) 24 3
Digital environment  Cybersecurity Techniques 18 2
Information System Management 18 2
Management Business Ethics 24 3
  Managing Cultural Diversity
  Strategy: Choices And Implementation  –  –


Specialization course – Semester 3

  Course title Hours  ECTS
Law  Software and Database Law 24 3
Digital Contract Law: negotiation and strategies 24 3
Resolution  of International Disputes 24 3
International Business Law in the Digital Era 24 3
Environnement Digital Data leak prevention – cybersecurity 18 2
Data protection 3 (GDPR and comparative law) 18 2
Management Leadership 24 3
Project Management Change Management 24 3
  Business Strategy Game
  Research Methodology


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Benefits of this course

1 semester minimum abroad

6 MasterClasses

11 months of professional experience

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