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Bachelor description

Bachelor in Business : Marketing project manager / Business developer program

Global Business Development (B.A.) 3-year program

A three-year program, with the first two years focused on building and developing the fundamentals of business. The last year is structured to allow a triple specialization, geographical, functional and sectoral.

During the 3rd year, students can choose between 2 options:

  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business

The educational progression of the program, based on professional, social, cultural and international experiences, allows the student to personalize his/her career path, to quickly gain autonomy and professionalization whilst integrating the core values of the school.


  • To provide graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge in a certain industry so that they can make an effective contribution to an organization in the capacity of junior manager.
  • To develop students’ critical appreciation of the role of managers in a global context with a focus on a chosen geographical location (Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Africa) and an industry sector.
  • To prepare students to design and follow their own continuing professional development with the ability to specialize in third year.
  • To equip students with the analytical and evaluative skills ie. develop students understanding, judgement, and problem solving skills with an ability to communicate to a broad public.
  • To enhance their appreciation of cultural differences.


  • Ideal for students who want to study business in France and wish to follow a program taught in English.
  • A truly international Program (professors and students in this program come from a wide array of different backgrounds with around 35 nationalities studying in the program)
  • A balanced mix of academic and professional learning
  • One semester abroad possible (2nd year) in our partner universities
  • A focus on business practices in three geographical areas
  • A focus on an industry sector of your choice (Wine & Gastronomy, Wellness, Luxury, sports…)


The Bachelor is designed to meet the recruitment needs of companies : 
  • The personal & career development program, combined with corporate experiences (consultancy project and internships), makes it possible to succeed in finding a job
  • Students can continue their studies in the Master programs (subject to admission conditions) which allows students to specialize their studies even further in a two year period


  • Community Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Digital marketing Manager


The Bachelor degree is certified by the RNCP (French National Repertory of Professional Certifications) level 2.
It allows students to pursue studies at master's level.