New Manifesto film for #RESPONSIBLENATIVES

ESDES Business School

The Esdes Business School is proud to unveil its new manifesto film, reaffirming its commitment to responsible management. The school shapes #RESPONSIBLENATIVES to tackle tomorrow's challenges with agility and commitment. An impactful one-minute film featuring several Esdes students from the Annecy and Lyon campuses, who willingly participated in the shooting, takes center stage.

#RESPONSIBLENATIVES at the core of the Manifesto

At Esdes, our mission is to provide the keys to a new world for all those who aspire to be part of change. The #RESPONSIBLENATIVES, solution actors, are crafted to create a world that reflects their aspirations.

Guided by inspiring mentors, they raise questions, set boundaries, and envision innovative solutions. The crises we face present new challenges that must help them become responsible and committed citizens. At Esdes, we believe that higher education should be an engine that inspires the vocations of tomorrow without ever abandoning individual convictions. It should enable future leaders, those aware of their environmental and societal impact, to find their place and, if necessary, to create it.

In other words, we are shaping the managers of tomorrow, responsible and committed!

This new manifesto film stands as an ode to these values that are dear to Esdes, its teams, and its students.

Together, let's envision a more responsible world.