Interview with exchange student Millagros Maria Romano

Millagros Maria Romano is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of International Business of USAL (University of Salvador). She got the chance to complete her final year in France at ESDES.

"Lyon is a great city strategically situated in the south-est of France. It is nice to see how close Lyon is from the alps and at the same time not far from the sea. I simply fall in love with Lyon. The city offers a huge culture and an unbelievable gastronomy. Many alleys are surrounding the main streets which make the city charming. It is impossible to get bored in Lyon. Moreover, it is easy to travel all over in France and in the neighbouring countries.
ESDES is the business school of UCLy ( Lyon Catholic University) 
During my stay, 100% of the programs were taught in english for both international and french students. One of the main remarkable aspects about this experience was the constant interaction with foreign people and their specific cultures. In addition, the university was organising some activities such as the Global Village and the International Dinner. These events gathered students from everywhere who were presenting their cultures across food, music, objects…

Despite the fact that the classes were 100% in english, we had to attend some courses of french. Other languages were available such as japonese, german, italien, chinese….

Courses and teachers were really interesting. Katherine & Haike, the head and assistant of international exchange, have always taken care of us.

This experience was unique and open-minding a way you can’t imagine, you had to live it to believe it. I want to thanks my university in Salvador to let me realized that exchange program and turn my life into dream. I made friends from everywhere, I discovered new places. I’ve been part of the french culture which is totally different from ours. It was not only an academic evolution but a real personal development. I would recommand this experience to anyone having the opportunity to do it."

Original interview on USAL website.