Global Village: When vibrant student life meets the international diversity of Esdes

ESDES Business School

When November comes at Esdes Business School, everybody knows it is Global Village time! And this year was no different…

Located in the heart of Lyon, Esdes Business School is known for hosting a lot of dynamic events, always aiming to promote and represent the diversity that lives inside the school and animate its vibrant student life. One shining example of this is the “Global Village”. Despite a brief hiatus in 2020, this event has consistently brought together students all around the world, showcasing the international spirit that thrives within the university.

A celebration of multiculturalism and gathering of students

This annual event, organized by Esdes international students with the participation of all international student of the Catholic University, serves as a way to unite students from numerous cultures and countries in order to celebrate diversity, multiculturalism and global citizenship. Each and every one of them have the opportunity to proudly showcase their country and culture to the entire university community!

The main objective of the Global Village is to highlight the international presence at UCLy. But, with more than 80 nationalities represented at Esdes alone, it is safe to say that the event also provides a unique opportunity for French students to engage with their international counterparts. Many of them, see this experience as a bridge, connecting French students with international students coming from potential future destinations for study exchanges and semesters abroad.

Global Village: a student event, for the students, by the students

Since 2017, the Global Village is organized by a dedicated team of students enrolled in the "Project Management – Global Village" course. Every year, 25 students form the “Organizing Committee” and are divided into five groups: HR, Communication, Finance, Logistics and CSR.

  • HR Team: They are the one recruiting international student at UCLy to participate in the event and assisting them in creating their country’s stands. This year, more than 135 students joined the event and 25 countries were represented. A remarkable number, but it still falls short of the record set in 2022, with 34 countries represented!
  • Communication Team: They are in charge of managing the visual identity of the event. From the website to posters or digital display, they handle all the communications. You want to follow them on social media? Here is their Instagram account: @globalvillage.esdes.ucly
  • Finance Team: As you might have guess, they are responsible for all financial matters, including the yearly allocated budget provided by Esdes and UCLy’s International Relations District
  • Logistic Team: They are in charge of preparing all the materials (cups, bags, floor plans, decorations, etc.) Each country's stand participates in a competition across categories such as best food, best decoration, and best vibe. Visitors have the opportunity to vote and stand a chance to win prizes!
  • CSR Team: That team has been created along the years in respond to growing environmental concerns. Since 2018, they handle waste management and held a fundraiser.

The international diversity at the service of a local charity

What an interesting and enjoyable event you might say… Right? But the Global Village doesn't stop there! It also leverages the popularity of this event to support meaningful causes. This is what Haike Marechal, Head of International Admissions, explains “As a logistical consideration, we began requesting a symbolic contribution from visitors to the stands (between 1 to 3 euros). Surprisingly, we found ourselves with extra funds, which we decided to allocate to a charitable cause. In 2019 and 2022, we supported through the 'Ticket Repas' project, directing the funds towards providing meals to schoolchildren who often have only one meal a day. This year, the CSR team has chosen to support a local organization. They have selected 'Sers Ta Ville' ( )”

And good news, this year, they raised more than 570€, in just one day!


With each year passing, Esdes Business School's Global Village has evolved from just an event to a testament to the vibrant and rich student life that defines the institution. As students continue to come together, celebrate diversity, and contribute to meaningful causes, Esdes stands as a beacon of global education and cultural exchange.