Esdes Students rock at ESMC conference!

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ESDES Lyon Business School

ESDES is very proud of the success of its students at the ESMC conference! A team of 5th-year ESDES marketing students have won a prize at the European Social Marketing Conference in Antwerp.

Selected among 150 projects, our students got the chance to present their work in the main conference room. Their study on social marketing reflects on homophobic behaviors and how to prevent them. 

This was an occasion to experience reseach in real life and to learn more about social marketing. Some members of the team might pursue their studies at Phd level… 
Thanks to Mia Birau, marketing teacher at ESDES who proposed this project and helped her students to succeed!

“We were also happy that so many people came to see our presentation and that it created a little bit of 'controversy'. That means that people do care about the subject and gave us some advice about how to conduct research next time.” Diane L.