ESDES launches SoliCity: a solidarity-oriented humanitarian and social mission

This two-month mission is obligatory for all students of the School, no matter which program they are enrolled in.

The mission takes place at the end of the first year for students in the Bachelor program, whereas students in the Grande Ecole Program do it at the end of their second year. Undertaken in France or overseas, SoliCity is a commitment to the most under-privileged populations. This solidarity-oriented immersive experience allows future managers to encounter realities which differ from their own and to understand the impact of the decisions they will make in the future. 
By making students leave their comfort zone and confront prejudice, SoliCity opens their mind to the world and prepares future managers for the diverse profiles they will come across later on in ompanies. SoliCity represents 250 students every year who volunteer their time and energy to build a better world.