ESDES International seminar, first edition

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ESDES offers an innovative format to give to the 4th years apprentices students of Master in Management an international experience at school: 3 days of international seminars on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July. The event was specially designed for them.

During this days, 6 speakers, PhDs and professionals present themes focusing on specifics countries or regions of the globe which has direct practical relevance for the business world.

Thus, the experts of this first edition:

  • PhD Norbet SIPOS (University of Pécs, Hungary) leads a workshop on “Communicational and collective bargaining issues from the managerial perspective (with a focus on Hungary)”
  • PhD György GONDA (International Business School Budapest, Hungary) leads a workshop on “Business Ethics in Hungary and Sustainable Development”
  • PhD Lesley MURPHY (Technological University Dublin, Ireland) leads a workshop on “The Strategic Orchestrator – the role of the Key Account Manager”
  • PhD Tom MULVEY (Technological University Dublin, Ireland) leads a workshop on “Supply Chain Management: warehouse automation and robotics, from the USA to Europe, from the sky to under the sea”
  • PhD Elaine ROSSITER (Technological University Dublin, Ireland) leads a workshop on “Expatriation and Repatriation (with a focus on the US)”
  • PhD Muhammad Atif QURESHI (Technological University Dublin, Ireland) leads a workshop on “Immigration in Ireland and its Impact on Businesses”
  • Karine RAMET from ConFor’ export company leads a workshop on “Exporting to Morocco”
  • PhD Ashkan FARAMARZI (from ESDES Lyon Business School) leads a workshop on “Winning the World's Emerging Markets (with focus on India and China”
Portait EC Ashkan FARAMARZI


PhD in Marketing

We are trying to basically prove why the information and make the students familiar with the international business is really important for the future of these students. Maybe, they are going to work in international companies or they are interested in being entrepreneur and basically doing business with other countries. So, this would be like the basic and the first step for them. There are a lot of potential and opportunities especially because of the current situation of the world, with the inflation and everything after post-covid. And a lot of markets, for example what I’m speaking about, emerging markets, they have opportunities for growth and for doing business which would be very important for the future of Europe if they want to basically avoid any sort of stagnation and recession.

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