ESDES Business school widens its network of international partners

International experience is one of the pillars of ESDES teaching in its Bachelor program (mandatory 3 months of international experience on a partner campus) and in its Grande Ecole Program (12 to 36 months abroad for everyone). In order to offer its students an increased range of destinations, ESDES has signed 4 new partnership agreements.

The new partner universities of ESDES are all AACSB or EPAS accredited. ESDES also offers a third campus abroad for students in its Bachelor program and four new destinations for Grande École students. 


ESDES has signed 4 new partnership agreements, including 2 in Asia. All are AACSB or EPAS accredited. 

  • University of Wuhan (Wuhan, China) AACSB accredited
  • University of Chulalongkom (Bangkok, Thailand) AACSB accredited
  • ESCA EM (Casablanca, Morocco) AACSB accredited
  • Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg, Russia), committed to the PRME like ESDES, and EPAS accredited

These new agreements bring the share of accredited universities among ESDES partners to nearly 40%. This allows the School to reinforce its presence in promising emerging markets, making it attractive for students and French companies. 


Students in the Bachelor program will benefit from a third campus abroad in 2019 to complete their international semester. In addition to St John's University (New York), accredited by AACSB, and USAL (Buenos Aires), ESDES has signed a partnership with ESCA (Casablanca, Morocco) which will host thirty students. Thami Ghorfi, president of the ESCA, welcomes ESDES students "to discover the changing African continent, in the heart of Casablanca, a gateway between cultures". ESCA is the first university in French-speaking Africa to be accredited by AACSB. This new agreement also provides for the exchange of students and teachers as well as the pooling of research projects.