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ESDES Business School

‘L’eau de Rose’, this is the name of the musical comedy 2022 of Showbise, the performing arts association of ESDES Lyon Business School. They held 2 performances on February 2nd and 3rd in front of more than 200 spectators.

The Showbise association gathers about thirty students around the passion of the show: from the script to the direction, from the communication to the production, everything is done homemade by these motivated students to end up with a high quality show. The result was once again as good as expected! This year, for ‘L’Eau de Rose’, it is about fifteen actors, singers, dancers and musicians who performed on stage. Without forgetting the logistic team, but also the writers of this show...

Inspired by Steven Spielberg's Titanic it is around the protagonists Jacky and Rosay that the romantic story of the most famous castaways in history is tied up. Laughter, emotion, love, tears, but also a beautiful moral lesson, everything is gathered to spend a good time.

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