Bachelor in Business: The “grade de licence”, state recognition, renewed for 5 years!

Esdes Business School Bachelor has been granted the “grade de licence”, state recognition for 5 years. A distinction and a duration that allow us to join the only 2 other schools in France that have already obtained it!

Just 7 years after its creation, the Bachelor in Business degree has been awarded for the maximum period of validity.

Why is a “grade de licence”, state recognition, important?

Joining a Bachelor awarded with the “grade de licence”, state recognition is very important. First of all, it's a guarantee of the high quality of the program you've chosen (since it's the highest accreditation awarded), and it underlines the recognition of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. But most importantly, it certifies that the training will be certified and recognized by the State as a diploma of level licence, therefore of level bac +3.

At most, a “grade de licence”, state recognition, can be obtained for 5 years before being renewed if all the criteria are met.

What determines whether a “grade de licence”, state recognition, is awarded and for how long?

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research bases its decision on a number of precise criteria:

  • The quality of the students and faculty recruited, as well as the school's teaching processes and structure.
  • Validation of services offered (student supervision and support, internships, work-study programs, etc.)
  • Placement of work-study students (quality of positions, relevance of assignments, etc.)
  • Professional integration or types of further study
  • School strategy and governance

After studying all these factors, the Ministry decides whether or not to award the “grade de licence”, state recognition, and adjusts its duration.

As you can understand, obtaining this distinction is not a trivial matter... and even less so for the maximum duration of 5 years! Esdes is therefore proud to see its Bachelor's degree included in this (very) select club

Joining a state-recognized program

The Esdes Bachelor in Business is a 3-year course that is ideal for students who want to study international Business in France with courses taught in English. It enables students to follow 2 generalist years of core curriculum to understand the fundamentals of management and administration, and a third year to specialize in marketing and digital communication or in management and international business.

Vincent Mangematin, Dean & Director of Esdes Business School

“The awarding of the “grade de licence”, state recognition, for a maximum of 5 years, rewards the work of the Bachelor’s Program teams and, more broadly, the entire school in offering students a program of high academic quality, firmly rooted in the needs of local businesses.”