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Due to the fact that where you live often affects how you experience a place, the school strongly advises students to arrange for their accommodation soon after being accepted to ESDES Business School.
Just like many French universities, the Université Catholique de Lyon does not have on-campus residence halls. ESDES students live in many different places, not only in the city center but also on the outskirts of town. The Lyon public transport network is quick and efficient and gives students additional options for accommodation.
As in many dynamic cities, Lyon offers limited choices of accommodation for those who are watching their budgets. Rents in Lyon vary widely depending on the type of accommodation a student is seeking.
Below is an estimate of what monthly rents will cost:
  • Very basic dorm room with shared bathroom: €250-400
  • Room with a family: €660 (breakfast & dinner is provided)
  • An independent studio efficiency: from €500
Other items to take into consideration for your housing budget:
  • A refundable security deposit (equivalent to one month rent)
  • Renter’s insurance: €30-50 per year
  • Electricity
  • The housing tax
Most ESDES students find their accommodation among the housing offers from the University Student Service Office.

If you decide to find a place on your own, this page is for you.