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Vision 2020 by ESDES


The ESDES strategic project, Vision 2020, is part of the school's ongoing commitment since its establishment, to reconcile economic performance and the social and human dimensions of the company. It is an ambition literally rooted in its DNA and completely in tune with its original values. In fact, ESDES was created 30 years ago with a mission to train managers capable of setting up and piloting, in the heart of companies, equitable and sustainable governance systems in order to promote the already perceptible emergence of a responsible economy, a project written in its acronym: Ecole Superieure pour le Developpement Economique et Social (University for Economical and Social Development). This anchorage is based on a targeted research policy whose work focuses on companies' societal responsibilities, company governance, and environmental innovation, and these fall within the specific context of the Lyon humanist tradition and social Catholicism.


The ESDES project follows the line of thought of Mr. Porter and Mr. R. Kramer (2011) who put the "environmental and social benefits on the same level as the financial benefits, at the heart of the company's competitive logic" in order to create shared value. For ESDES, one of the essential conditions for the company's development if found in its ability to produce "sustainable" added value. It is by creating the link between all its participating parties (both internal and external) and organizing fairer distribution of the wealth created according to the ethical rules that the company can better integrate into its ecosystem. Conditions that will give the company more stability to develop sustainably. This is a major innovation to create which involves on one hand, identifying a new corporate governance model and on the other, relying on a set of shared rules between the different ecosystem actors. These are two themes at the heart of ESDES research.