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The Student Lab


The purpose of the STUDENT LAB service is to help the student in his individual career pathing and personal development in the school program for implementing their Professional Success Pathway (PSP). Integrated into the curriculum, it unfolds in conjonction with academic acquisition and skill development, allowing them to acquire those skills through experimentation.

The STUDENT LAB combines company relations services, internships and insertion, social life, and certain Alumni network activities. It offers services, advice, and resources to students as well as training sessions for job and internship search, development workshops for their managerial profile, dialogue time on experience feedback from former students, meetings with current managers, and the opportunity to receive mentoring from professional volunteers.


ESDES innovates in 2015 and strengthens its support system for the development of students' career paths which has implemented for over 10 years by creating training workshops to develop managerial attitudes. These workshops involving all students starting with those in 1st year, aims to develop their emotional and relational intelligence.

The program includes awareness sessions and exercises to promote self-awareness, the keys to relationships with others, and understanding the mechanisms and interactions in a group. It is an approach which is then strengthened with classes on information channels and communication to understand how the company and its members operate, learning relational techniques to ultimately learn to develop collective intelligence.


Internships, assignments on behalf of businesses, social life ... all these experimental practices for the students' future managerial positions are encouraged and valued in the University program through ECTS credits.

Students are encouraged to actively participate and to seize the many opportunities available in order to be placed in on-the-job learning situations throughout the five years of their training and practice the teachings they received.

Thus, the accumulation of internship periods and time spent on community projects or external managerial situation projects can represent up to 24 months of experimentation over the whole curriculum.