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The professional success pathway


ESDES is a professionalizing school and the Professional Success Pathway (PSP) is found at the heart of its educational system. This is an original instructional model created by ESDES which is based on over 10 years of experience in preparing students for professional integration. PSP allows everyone to allocate and actively assimilate teachings by putting them into practice through internships and community life in particular, and to exercise their future managerial position with a first employment perspective.


As a true common thread throughout the curriculum, the PSP allows the student to make a dynamic and personalized link between the different learning areas displayed in both the "main core" of training and in the framework of Student LAB activities:
  • awareness activities for better self-knowledge (sensory and emotional intelligence),
  • interpersonal skills and team management,
  • awareness of the concept of sustainable company governance,
  • concepts, methods, and tools of management,
  • professional experimentation especially through internships, community life, and international exposure.