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ESDES in its ecosystem


The ESDES project aims to promote the emergence of a responsible economy® in and with companies. The school therefore fully associates the economic agents with the reflection and evolution of its programs. To this end, it has created various bodies bringing together corporate partners to share its vision and to enrich the debate on its project with their critical view.


Backed by ESDES governance, the International Advisory Board (IAB) has 9 people from the business and academic world. This consultative body aims to accompany ESDES in its development project, by expressing an opinion on one or more topics related to the school's strategy or its implementation.


The Steering Committees are places for reflection and dialogue between education personnel and companies. Backing each major, they bring together ESDES partner companies who share its beliefs and values: collective performance, exemplarity, and citizenship. The objectives of the Steering Committees are to evaluate, confront, and develop elements of programs that affect the relevance and "professional" consistency of the training policy which structures each major specialization for the purpose of developing the students' employability as closely as possible to market developments.


Naturally, various thematic bodies (councils and committees) complete this device to unite all participating parties of the school in constructing its project. Among these, the Global Student Council, created in 2015, is composed of student volunteers. They are encouraged to form an opinion on one or more issues affecting the strategic direction of the school, including aspects concerning pedagogy, training policy, and student life.