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Welcome international Exchange students !

Dear International Exchange Students,

You are accepted and will soon be with us…
In order to give you all the documents (International students Guide, Health Insurance Information, list of Activities, schedule…etc.) and information you need, the International Team has organized the Check-In week. It is composed of “Administrative check-ins followed by an Academic check-in” and “Orientation”.


The “Administraive Check-In” is when the first information regarding your semester is given to you. Along with the Assistant Coordinators, you will go through some administrative documents (OFII, Health Insurance) and will also be given some precious information about the courses and everything that will be happening during your time at ESDES. This is mandatory to all students.

Ensure you have with you:
  • Your passport (and OFII document if received)
  • EU Health Card (if eligible)
  • Residence/Apartment Address
The “Academic Check-In” is for you to confirm your course selection with The Responsible of the International Business Program. The program assistants will be available for any other information.
Between each “Check-In”, the I.S.C (International Students Club) will be available to help you with opening a bank account, obtaining your transportation card (T.C.L) and more. This is mandatory to all students.

Have with you:
  • Your Learning Agreement signed by your home institution
  • Erasmus+ form (if eligible)


This will be the first time that all the International Students will be gathered together. Through a presentation, academic information will be given to you and the long and awaited schedule will be handed to you. This mandatory to all students.