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International Business Administration

Cette spécialisation de master permet de savoir évaluer la complexité des échanges commerciaux internationaux et maîtriser les outils d'analyse nécessaires au processus décisionnel. elle est enseignée à 100% en anglais. 


  • Offering a project-based learning process whereby theory and simulation are combined
  • Providing students with analytical tools for decision making
  • Helping students acquire capacities to evaluate the complexities of international business
  • Developing communication, leadership and teamwork skills


  • Origins of students: international students from across the world (from partner universities or not) and ESDES students
  • Origins of lecturers: Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, India, USA, Poland, Spain, France etc.
  • International focus of its expertise and skills provided in business systems and management processes at both strategic and operational levels

Career opportunities

  • Business Developer
  • Marking manager
  • Operations manager
  • International Consulting
  • Export & Import manager

course examples

  • International business strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Leadership in international management
  • Global supply chain management
  • International financial management
  • “Global Challenge” – business game with corporate Partner 

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