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As in many dynamic cities, Lyon offers numerous choices of accommodation for suitable for an array of different budgets. Rents in Lyon vary widely depending on the type of accommodation a student is seeking.
Below is an estimate of what monthly rents will cost:
  • A basic dorm room with shared bathroom and kitchen: €250-400
  • Room with a family: €660 (breakfast & dinner is provided)
  • An independent studio: from €600
ESDES has signed a partnership with private residences in order to provide quality accommodation to international students (see pictures below). This is an exclusive offer for all admitted and registered degree-seeking students. More information will be given to future students in the acceptance pack.

Our Housing Desk is available to help students find a suitable accommodation. Upon acceptation into ESDES, students will be sent detailed information on how to apply for accommodation using our online platform.
More information on our housing offers can be found here.

Should students decide to find accommodation on their own, we suggest the following offers : click here.