Sana Khan

Sana Khan

PhD in management sciences


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Faculty member


PhD in management sciences - Graduate School of Economics & Management GSEM- Ca’Foscari University of Venice (Italy)


  • Innovation Adoption
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability


Group 4: Consumer and Market Perspectives


  • Research Methodology
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Frugal Innovation
  • Services Marketing
  • B2B Sales Marketing


Sana Khan is a faculty member at ESDES Business School. Before joining ESDES, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Católica -Lisbon School of Business & Economics (CLBSE) where she was involved in a European R&D project on sustainable mobility and energy. Her research interests are in business and society and more specifically focus on business model innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the adoption of sustainable innovation. She obtained her PhD in 2017 from Ca’Foscari University in Venice. She has published in journals related to transportation psychology and behavior.


Articles in referenced journals (CNRS, FNEGE)

To be published

KHAN S., «Assurance of sustainability reports: examining the role of internal and external corporate governance mechanisms», Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, (in collaboration with I. Maria Garcia Sanchez, N. Hussain & J. Martínez-Ferrero).


KHAN S., (2021), « Socio-emotional wealth and corporate responses to environmental hostility : are family firms more stakeholder orientated?», Business Strategy and the Environment, vol. 30, n°2, pp. 1003-1018, (in collaboration with I. M. Garcia-Sanchez, J. Martín-Moreno and N. Hussain).


KHAN S., (2020), « Do markets punish or reward corporate social responsibility decoupling? », Business and Society journal, Vol. 60, n° 6, pp. 1431-1467, (in collaboration with Isabel Maria Garcia Sanchez, Nazim Hussain and Jennifer Martinez Ferrero).

KHAN S., « Managerial Entrenchment, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Earnings Management ? », Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management, vol. 27, n° 4, pp. 1630-1641, (in collaboration with I. M.Garcia Sanchez, N. Hussain and J. Martinez Ferrero).

KHAN S., (2020), « Influencing the Disruptive Potential of Sustainable Technologies through Value Proposition Design: The Case of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology », Journal of  Cleaner Production, vol. 254 (to be published), (in collaboration with R. Bohnsack).

Book chapter


KHAN S., LE BAS C., (2021), « Frugality – Frugal Innovation as Inclusive Innovation », in : Innovation Economics, Engineering and Management Handbook 1, Ed. Dimitri Uzunidis, Fedoua Kasmi & Laurent Adatto, ISTE Wiley, chapter 18, pp 159-166.


KHAN S. and LE BAS C., (2019), « Ethics and sustainability in frugal innovation », in : 'Frugal Innovation: A Global Research Companion', Ed. Adela J. McMurray, Gerrit A. de Waal, Routledge, London, part VII, chapter 17, pp.275-288.

Participation in conferences


KHAN S., (2020), «Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis of Complementarities and Substitutions Among Internal and External Governance Mechanisms », Gronen 2020 conference, « All Systems go!? Sustainability in the Digital Age »,17-19 June, virtual conference due to Covid, (in collaboration with N. Hussain, I.-M. García-Sánchez and J. Martínez-Ferrero).


KHAN S., (2019), « Managerial Entrenchment and Organizational Facades: An International Evidence », Corporate Social Responsibility 2019, The third conference on CSR, the economy and financial markets, Otto Beisheim School of Management, 1-10 October, Dusseldorf, Germany, (in collaboration with N. Hussain, I.-M. García-Sánchez, J. Martínez-Ferrero).


KHAN S., (2018), « Finding product-market fit through pivoting: A business model perspective », 25th IPDMC: Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, University of Porto, 9-13 June, Porto, Portugal, (in collaboration with  S. Weller and R. Bohnsack).


KHAN S., (2017), « Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: A meta-analytic review and directions for future research », 6th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business, 28-29 September, Berlin, Germany, (in collaboration with N. Hussain N. and A. Stocchetti).

KHAN S., (2017), « Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: A meta-analytic review and directions for future research », Corporate Responsibility Research Conference, University of Séville, Homerton College, University of Cambridge, KEDGE Business School, Sustainability Research Institute, 13-15 September, Séville,Spain, (in collaboration with  N. Hussain N. and A. Stocchetti).


KHAN S., (2016), « Investigating the determinants of travel mode choice: Measurement matters », 20th Conference of the Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN), The Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN), Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, 21-23 September, Luneburg, Germany, (in collaboration with P. Lazini).

KHAN S., (2016), « Value proposition innovation: The case of vehicle-to-grid technology », R&D Management Conference, Institute for Manufacturing (ifM), University of Cambridge, 3-6 July, Camgridge, United Kingdom, (in collaboration with R. Bohnsack).