Webinar : Meet the digital pioneers

Tuesday 11 May 2021 at 8 pm


Head of Marketing & Digital Business Program

06 77 12 69 86

According to ICD, by 2023, digital transformation spending will grow to more than 50% of all ICT investment from 36% today, the largest growth in data intelligence and analytics ever.

Thus, companies will have a growing need for skills in this area. These new digital transformation managers, true "Digital Brokers", will have to make crucial choices among an ever-increasing number of available technological solutions. They will have to be able to understand and analyze the value creation possibilities offered by these technologies while ensuring their compatibility with the existing system and guaranteeing a good UX of the new solution. In an unpredictable world where markets are increasingly mature, their wise choices will allow companies that have made these investments to grow by taking market share from those who have not.

Meet the pioneers and discover a new profession working on this crucial issue.

Webinar – May 11th – 8.00 pm CET ( French time)

  • Meet the digital pioneers
  • Find out more about emerging opportunities in the digital economy
  • 3 esdes alumni share their experience and debate the professional challenges to come