Conference Your Network is Your Net Worth - May

Monday 24 May 2021 at 6 pm


International Student Recruitment

Visioconference - May 24th, 6.00 pm CET ( French time)

We all know that Networking is crucial for our careers and social life… But networks need to be built long before we need them. In our busy lives we often feel that we do not know how to do so, or that we have no time to invest in building new relations, or to stay in touch with our current network… So, how to build (and maintain) a strong, nurturing community of friends, contacts, mentors, colleagues, etc…? This powerful 60-minute workshop/conference is designed to help you expand your community (and boost your career). It draws on the latest practical research on networking (Ferrazzi, Gitomer, HBR, etc) and it is a hands-on, 100% practical workshop. It’s not a boring power-point session! A short (and very special) film fragment will be used to illustrate some of our usual networking mistakes. Participants will also be involved in several energetic exercises and benefit from the use of several self-assessment tools.