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Since march 23rd, 100% of courses are available on-line
It is about 150 hours of classes teached on-line every day
  • More than 2,500 hours have allready been given. 5,000 hours of classes will be given by september 2020 – re-opening of the campus.
  • 100% of ESDES students are connected.
  • 1 central digital tool : Moodle
Diverse formats are possible: in videoconference, in remote work, in group work for oral presentations, via MS TEAMS. Classes are sometimes synchronous, that is to say given at the same time as the original timetable, or asynchronous, leaving more room for students' autonomy in their organization.


Free online resources, available to students:
  • Digital Marketing Institute, partner of ESDES provides marketing students with a complete MOOC platform, tutorial and other tests in order to progress in digital marketing but also to take advantage of the time allowed by lockdown to pass professional certifications.
  • Voltaire project - 100% of ESDES students have free and unlimited access to the Voltaire project, to perfect their spelling and why not certify their level in written expression in French!
  • Partnership with Pearson Education: 5 books offered for each student, from a catalog of 50 books in business. The objective is to help students in their learning and the writing of their final thesis.


If you are worried about September 2020, You need to kow that ESDES will welcome you on the campus whenever it will be possible for you to come. The year starts usually in September but international student will be welcomed until January. On-line courses will be available before your arrival, so you won’t miss anything!

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