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As well as having the choice of hiring bikes and electric cars for transport in Lyon, other services including trams, buses, metros and trains are equally easy to access. All the information needed can be found on the TCL and SNCF websites. Opening and closing times of each service can be found on these websites also. (Earliest opening times are from 5am and latest finishing times are between 12/12:30am).


You can hire a bicycle at any Vélo’v station in Lyon, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a long-term subscription or a short-term ticket.
More information
The web page can be put into English by clicking on the Union Jack on the right side.

If you have a long-term subscription
First 30mins: FREE of charge
After this:
1st additional half hour: 0,75€
2nd additional half hour: 1,50€
If you have a short-term subscription
First 30mins: FREE of charge
After this:
1st additional half hour: 1€
2nd additional half hour: 2€


If you have your European or international driver’s license you can hire a car even just for 10 minutes.
See Bluely website for more information
For U25s, a 1 year subscription will cost 1€ per month (subscription rate) as well as 4€ for every half hour.


Whilst staying in Lyon, the metros, buses and trams will be useful for your transport to university, and around Lyon. If you are going to be using these forms of transport often, it will be cheaper for you to purchase a metro card.
Tickets that are valid for an hour’s use, cost 1,90€ for a student and a batch of 10 tickets (which become validated once entering the station/vehicle) cost 14,30€. Each ticket is valid for 1 hour from the moment you have validated it.
A student card will cost a total of 36,50€ (5€ for the card itself, and 31,50€ per month). This can be renewed on the first day of every month at every ticket machine (it can be done in French, English, German, Spanish etc).
There are also different options such as an evening ticket (3€), 24-hour ticket (5,80€), 48-hour ticket (11€), and 72-hour ticket (15€).

The card has to be bought in the TCL main Office (Place Bellecour, Part-Dieu or George de Loup). Along with the money, you will need to bring:
  • Your passport
  • A passport sized photograph
  • Lettre de scolarité (obtained from the university to prove you are a student)
  • Letter de logement (a letter from your residence proving you are living in France)
  • Your student card (if you do not have your card from UCLY, you can use your home university student card).
Pay monthly, or every 2 months.
It would be encouraged to get a card instead of buying tickets if you plan to use the metro every day (4/5 days a week) to and from university. If you buy the batch of 10 tickets at the student price of 14€ and use 2 per day, that will total in roughly 56+€ per month whereas a card will be just 31,50€ a month.


For transport to and from Lyon Exupéry Airport, the Rhônexpress is the best option. (A taxi may cost you 40€ from Part-Dieu to Lyon Exupéry Airport.) It is best to buy these in advance of your journey as it will cost less than buying it on the Rhônexpress itself. This can be done online in French and English and the tickets can either be printed off or shown on your phone to the attendant.
A student single ticket costs about 13,20€ and a return costs 23,30€.
The Rhônexpress runs Monday to Sunday. Please visit their website for timings.
The duration of the journey from Lyon Part-Dieu to Lyon Exupéry Airport is less than 30 minutes.