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Cost of living

For a comfortable life-style, plan on spending about 850€ per month. Remember that the first month you will have to pay a deposit and first month rent so costs might sore considerably.

In order to help you estimate the cost of living (per a month), here are a few examples:

- €300-600 Housing (for a room, studio, or 1 bedroom flat)

- €650 Room with half-pension

- €55 Electric, gas, & telephone bills

- €250 Groceries

- Public transportation costs €14,30 (a batch of 10 tickets on a student rate, these are €16,20 on the normal rate). Cards cost €30,20 per month for students (€61,90 for non-students) including €5 for the card

- 50-70€ one-way train ticket Paris-Lyon with a 12-25 train pass

- €3,50 Sandwich at a take-away place

- €15 - €25 Meal at a mid-range restaurant (for info about food in France click here

- €6/7 Movie ticket

Please click here for more info about living costs (link to "Finance your stay : a realistic budget")