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The International Student Club is manly about welcoming and integrating foreign students in the « Lyon way of life ». We are a cohesive and dynamic team that always try to challenge ourselves by organizing original and attractive events.
Our main aim is to welcome and help international students in their daily life. We provide them basic information before their arrival, and then we’re accompanying them to overcome the accommodation, administrative or language obstacles. Therefore, we’re offering them the support and the advices they need to start their new “Lyonnaise” life.


Nevertheless, we also consider ourselves responsible of organizing cultural and social events to entertain the international students and to open them to the student life. We try to settle cultural visits and trips around France (to Paris or even just to ski) but we also make a point on organizing evening entertainment to make them discover the night life.

In few words, we’re a student association aiming to make the journey of foreign students convenient and unforgettable.

If you would like to take part in an association there are a number of different student associations at ESDES which are open to International students. These are listed below. Please contact them directly for more

Playoff ESDES

This association is about gathering all the sports associations together to allow students to discover different sports such as squash and paintball in the first semester and boxing, ice skating, and American football in the second semester.
Exchange students can also participate in competitions with the football, basketball, volleyball and handball teams.


Equinox is a humanitarian association which helps disabled people in the Balkans. All year the association collects materials and money to take to these people during a one week trip.
Contact: Léa Courrieu, 00 33 6 66 49 37 14,

Hand Joy

Hand Joy is a very small association with less than 10 students involved, exactly 8 last year, but this is the association’s strength, because everybody shares the workload and no one has predefined roles.
Hand Joy organizes two big events: the first event is a lottery for mentally handicapped
people and takes place during first semester. For this event Hand Joy works with another association ALGED. This event attracts around 300 people each year.
In second semester, the association organizes a child's dream for children who are hospitalized. For example last year Hand Joy organized a meeting with some soccer players for a child called Anthony.
Contact: or at 06 76 07 57 47

Boutique ESDES

Boutique ESDES is an association that sells goodies and ESDES products to students. So before you go back home, take home an ESDES souvenir!
Facebook page: ESDES Boutik

Enactus ESDES

Enactus ESDES belongs to the worldwide Enactus World organization.
At ESDES, Enactus organizes social and environmental projects. The association currently has four projects, linked with food, road safety, information technology and the recycling of books. At the end of the school year the association takes part in the Enactus France championship where the group presents the projects undertaken and the association’s results in front of professionals.Hope you’ll help Enactus win the next one!!

Oxygène ESDES

Oxygène ESDES is an association of 60 members which organizes some events for disadvantaged children from Lyon. Two major events take place every year: 
  • "Un Noël Glacé Mille Enfants Gâtés": An afternoon dedicated to the theme of Christmas at the ice rink, Charlemagne in Lyon. 1000 children come to the event to enjoy a show (ice dancing, magic, dance...), meet Father Christmas and receive some gifts and cakes.
  • "Enygma": A treasure hunt in Lyon for 150 children with a specific theme every year (pirate, Asterix & Obelix...). During the afternoon, the children take part in different activities and receive some gifts and cakes.
Oxygène ESDES is an outstanding experience, some unforgettable moments and a motivated and dynamic team which is waiting for you!
Contact: President 2014-2015 -