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Useful tips

Should you take a taxi or the public transport when you first arrive in Lyon? The International office will unfortunately not be available to pick you up from the airport or train station, so we advise –especially if you are carrying several large suitcases - that you take a taxi to reach your accommodation on arrival.
  • Guests: check on your housing contract if you are permitted to invite friends/family to spend the night in your accommodation. This is not the case in residence halls.
  • Rental contract: (bail de location): this document is extremely important, both the landlord and you sign the rental contract, it has a legal value.
  • Check in: Your housing check in: you have to go directly to your residence where you will do your “état des lieux”, sign your rental contract and get your accommodation keys. It will be done during week days at specific times. Sometimes it may be that you will have to make an appointment for the check-in online in advance. Thus, your check-in will be done at a specific date and time. The information about whether you will have to make an appointment in advance and how is indicated in the document sent by Service Logement department to you when you have booked your accommodation.
  • How to write your address in France? You should follow this pattern:

Betty BOOP (First name +FAMILY NAME)
Résidence André Allix chambre 152 (name of the residence hall + room number)
2 rue Soeur Bouvier (number + type of road + Street name)
69005 LYON (zip code + TOWN) There are 9 districts in Lyon 69001... to 69009
FRANCE (only if sent from abroad)