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Housing subsidies

Renting in France and especially in Lyon can be rather expensive, so the CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) - run by the French government – gives subsidies (Allocation Logement) to people who need it the most, in order to help them pay for their rent. By applying for CAF, you can save up to 50% on your accommodation every month, depending on its size, how much you earn, and how much your rent is. Only the CAF decides how much money is given and whose application will be accepted.
In many cases the CAF offers aid to international students who meet the following 3 criteria:
  • students who have their name on a rental contract in France (students who live in Airbnb flats cannot apply for CAF),
  • students with a low income or whose parents earn a low income,
  • Your landlord cannot be your relative,
students who :
a) are citizens of the European Union and who have their EU health card (Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie)
b) b) are citizens of other countries and who have validated their long stay visas with OFII

Required information:
  • Your income from 2 years ago
  • Your French bank details ‘RIB‘ (it can be downloaded from your online banking)
  • Your housing agreement
  • The amount of rent you pay
  • For foreign students an ID:
• european citizens out of France have to provide a proof of a school enrolment and a copy of a European Health insurance card;
• non-european citizens have to provide a copy of their residence permit in France

Students can only apply once they are in Lyon, it is not possible to apply before one’s arrival in France or before the rental contract has started. The application will be done online and The Student Service Office will provide you more information needed after your arrival to France.

Make sure to apply for CAF as soon as you arrive in France because the reimbursement will be paid the next month after the application has been processed, and remember that CAF will not be paid for the months that you have not applied for.
All the applications have to be done on the official CAF website.

For more information you can contact

The Student Service Office
Phone: 0033 4 72 32 51 73, 0033 4 26 84 52 02
Address: 10, place des Archives, 69002 Lyon
Opening hours: Monday- Friday, 9.00am -12.30pm / 1.30pm – 5.00 pm