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1. Contact Campus France

Students from the following countries must contact the Campus France office online in order to apply to study in France.
Click on your country to reach its Campus France website.

 The acceptance of a student is contingent upon the fact that your application with Campus France and /or the French embassy/consulate is accepted.

2. Apply for a visa

If you live in an EU country but are not a citizen, you will have to apply for a student visa at the French embassy/consulate in the country in which you reside. If the CEF (Campus France) procedure is used in your country of origin, you do not have to return there in order to apply for admission to a French institution of higher education.
You should begin your request for a visa as soon as you have received your acceptance package (Certificate of Enrolment, Acceptance Letter), as in some countries there are long waiting lists in order to obtain an appointment. ESDES does not accept late arrivals; if you do not obtain your visa on time, your enrolment will be delayed until the following semester. (If your visa request is denied, please note that ESDES cannot influence visa procedure).


Along with your visa, you might receive a document named “VISA LONG SÉJOUR – DEMANDE DE D’ATTESTATION OFII”. It is really important for you to take this form with you. This procedure doesn’t keep you from traveling within the SCHENGEN ZONE but it needs to be completed and handed to the OFII Authorities. The Assistants of the different programmes will help you to fill in the form.


Every foreign student (Less than 28 years old, except for European Health Insurance Card holders and employed people above 150h/trimester) must fill in the Student Social Security Form and provide the requested supporting documents (birth certificate and passport).

If the student affiliated doesn’t have a final social security number, upon their affiliation by the University, he/she must request a registration (“demande d’immatriculation”) by sending the supporting documents to the Health Insurance:

- Proof of their social security choice: LMDE or SMERRA (« attestation d’affiliation » printed by the secretariat out of our software and given to you upon arrival during your check-in session).
- Complete birth certificate copy, translated by a sworn translator or a consulate
- A copy of the long stay visa and the OFII sticker or a valid residence permit
- A copy of the valid passport
- French Bank details

(Please note that the procedure can only be started once the student has checked-in.)

More information can be found on this link