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Bachelor description

The Global Business Development Bachelor aims to provide companies hiring needs, in booming fields.

Students will enhance their skills in these three specialisations (one course to choose in each):
  • International Management (Cross Cultural Management, International HR Management, International Organisational Behavior and Management ...)
  • Finance (International Finance, Financial Markets, Corporate Finance...)
  • Marketing (Digital and Innovation Marketing, International Business Negociation, International Marketing...)
They will focus on two geographical areas among Europe, Asia (including Middle East), America or Africa. 

Students will be able to  choose between 6-month internship or courses among:
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Organisational Behaviour in the luxury industry
  • Marketing and Sales: Luxury Industry
  • The Wine industry
  • Import and Export
  • European Union
  • France in 21st Century
  • LV1: French