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Spend one or two semesters in France

The International Business Program offers foreign students the possibility of studying for one or two semesters at the University. Students may choose classes that are taught in English or in French or both. Courses are available at both the Bachelor's and Master's level. Classes are offered in the area of Finance, Marketing, Law, Human Resources and other business areas in addition to courses that are relevant to the local culture such as French, the European Union, France in the 21st century and Art & Architecture.

Each class is worth a certain number of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer system), enabling students to obtain both credits and grades in order to satisfy the requirements of their home institutions. In general, in the European system, a full-time student takes 30 credit hours (ECTS) per semester. It is possible to take a few extra credits but students usually find that they need time to adjust and explore their new environment, and it is judicious to want to leave enough time to take full advantage of the unique opportunity of living abroad.

The International Business Program is an exchange program designed for students who are enrolled at ESDES partner institutions in their home countries. No diploma is awarded at the end of the study period, although students can receive transfer credits at their home institutions for coursework completed at ESDES. International students wishing to apply for the degree program should see information about the 5 year curriculum program.

The program is free of charge to students who are studying under an exchange agreement with their home institutions. Students wishing to study in the IBP exchange program, but whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement ESDES, may apply to study at ESDES as a fee-paying student.