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International Supply Chain Management

Goals of the programme

  • Develop skills and abilities in order to manage persons, processes and technologies required by today’s supply chains (tighter deadlines and greater risks)
  • Manage strategic business issues and the international market competitively
  • Master key skills: managing processes in procurement, international sourcing, e-sourcing and outsourcing principles, designing and managing supply chains, operations management


  • International teachers and professionals with expansive experience in Supply Chain management
  • Focus on international companies’ challenges on the global arena
  • Use of Interactive tools based on business simulation

Career opportunities

  • Purchasing Administrator, Manager
  • International Shipping Officer
  • Corporate Account Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager

Course examples

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Warehousing
  • ERP Based Supply Chain
  • Global outsourcing, insourcing & e-sourcing
  • Performance measurement in the supply chain

focus : simpower business game

Teams of students lead an international energy company, in charge of production and sales of their own electricity, to be launched on a very competitive market. Risks, diversification... which strategy to use ? Trade-off between renewable energy versus fossil energy use of privatives.

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